The National Council

The TOC National Council



National Coordinator: Rosalie Castro, TOCarm.

1st Councilor: Cynthia Peñalosa, TOCarm. – National Secretary

2nd Councilor: Ruel Santos, TOCarm. – Councilor for Formation

3rd Councilor: Flor A’ Jose, TOCarm. – National Treasurer

4th Councilor: Mila Exconde, TOCarm. – National Auditor

Provincial Delegate: Rev. Fr. Roberto Noel Rosas, O.Carm.

Regional Coordinators

Central Luzon Region: Rosario Andres, TOCarm.

Region of Saint Joseph (Bulacan): Apolinario Gregorio, TOCarm.

NCR North: Vacant

NCR Central: Andrea Dimayuga, TOCarm.

NCR South: Cynthia Peñalosa, TOCarm.

Visayas: Linda Tancinco, TOCarm.

Mindanao: Rosalinda Moreno, TOCarm.


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