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Being a member of the Third Order is about a call and a vocation. We need to discern our vocation, not once, but many times throughout our lives. 

A wise Carmelite once said: it is one thing to make a commitment in life; it is another thing to learn how to express that commitment in concrete actions and words in everyday life, and it is a totally different thing to maintain that kind of commitment over many years.  

As you all know from your own life experience, life is about change which enables us to grow and mature. To be a Carmelite is about a vocation, it is not about belonging to a social club. Like the first Carmelites, it is about searching for God through prayer, a communal life style and service to others in the spirit of Elijah and Mary.

2088470741_94e562a34d_oA person interested in Carmel may be allowed to observe the community dynamics after securing permission from the Formation Director with the approval of the Prior/Prioress. Should the observer desire to pursue membership in the community, he/she should fill up the application form, submits the required documents and attend the monthly community meetings for three (3) consecutive months prior to acceptance to the Aspirancy.  

Aspirancy. An aspirant undergoes orientation/preparation for formation, which gives both the Community and the candidate an opportunity to make an adequate discernment. This period normally lasts six (6) months from entrance to Aspirancy. 

Postulancy. A postulant is one who has attended six (6) consecutive months in the community dynamics and has finished the Aspirancy Module. This period usually lasts six (6) months until invited for reception as a novice. 

Novitiate. The Novice is one who has been clothed with the Ceremonial Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and will undergo two years of deeper formation until admitted to make the Temporary Profession. 

Temporary Profession. After making the Profession, a member will undertake for three years a more intensive study of prayer, the Scriptures, the Documents of the Church, the Saints of the Order, and formation in the Apostolate of the Order until invited to make the Final Profession for life. 


6 Comments on “Vocation”

  1. Rommel A. Salonga Says:

    Good day to you! I am Rommel A. Salonga, 34, from Bongabon, Nueva Ecija. I am an educator, but I desire to become a Lay Carmelite. Is there any convent near Cabanatuan City where I could be enlightened. I wish that you will help me and see if this is my calling. Thank you!

  2. Gino Paradela Says:

    Hello, my name is Gino Paradela. I am a third year college student from Cebu City.I have prayed to God and have contemplated and I believe that he is leading me towards the Third Order of Carmel. I would like to know more. Am I fit to be such a servant of God? I am still a student but I feel the overwhelming call. Thank you very much! Please help me.

    In the Immaculate Mother,

  3. i am currently working as a nurse and always wanted to be nun and i will be 62 yrs. old next month. do i have a chance , appreciate it verymuch for your reply
    God Bless you

  4. Katrina Says:

    Hi, I’m 24 years old. I want to be a nun. I want to ask, do I need to have money if I’m going to be a nun? Are there are payments that I need to settle as I enter this vocation? I currently working as an HR consultant so I have small amount of money that I saved in a bank, if ever I enter this vocation and I need to resign in my work. Do I need to have money if I’m going to be a nun? I hope you can answer my question. Thank you so much.

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